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Quality in Quality Inspection

In the age of globalization, most of the production sites from Europe, Canada and America have been moved to countries where production costs are low and the wages even lower. Low costs products from Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Indonesia have conquered the Western market in many fields.

Many of these products have commonly a lower quality and safety standard. Consumers are misled by unauthorized safety marks and unaware of the poor quality the product bears. Such inferior goods hit headlines leading to bad reputation for the retailer and importers and causing them costly product recalls.

Having gained special competence in quality inspection services, factory audits and manufacturer productivity and improvement through many years of working in this field and the increasing trend in trading destination countries requiring pre-shipment inspection; Mr. Permporn Srirattanavaree saw the opportunity to establish an independent inspection service provider and thus found Advantage Co., Ltd. in 1991.

With a dedicated team of inspectors, technicians, consultants and coordinators, Advantage Co., Ltd. primarily offers inspection services such as factory audits, initial production checks, during production inspection, final random inspection and loading supervision. Furthermore, Advantage Co., Ltd. extended its services to include consultancy and training on quality system to meet required standards.

We intend to help off-shore producers, traders and importers continuously to assure that the quality and safety of the products comply with the intended specification and criteria.

Our team is committed to represent you and your interest and apart from the comprehensive inspection report with plentiful photos, we will furnish you with value added information such as other variable misconducts discovered, problem identification and solving, and overall improvement methods and strategies.



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