Quality Analysis

Over 20 years experience in source inspection help us to evaluate and identified the critical issues related with Asian contract manufacturing and supply chain and provide strategic quality improvement solutions to resolve them. With the help of our Quality Improvement Consulting you can increase your product efficiency and reduce waste costs, as it has been proven with other international brands.

Top 12 Critical Problems With Contract Manufacturing

  • Communication and cultural differences.

  • Biggest risk for brand image.

  • Poor onsite safety standards for factory workers and indiscipline.

  • Leakage of products specifications by the contract manufacturers.

  • Quality assurance issues.

  • Variable quality control and operational problems.

  • Constantly decreasing raw material quality replica watches.

  • Poor time management and longer lead times.

  • Inflexible manufacturing schedules and poor quality of logistics services.

  • Increased quality inspection engineers and management overheads.

  • Unstable government’s policies and changing laws and regulations.

  • Loosing trust in 3rd party quality inspection service providers.