Our Guarantee

At ACL we continue to stand by our motto “Quality Come First“ and endeavour to supply the very best possible quality inspection services to all our clients throughout the globe. Our services is chiefly used by the well known American, Canadian, European, Russian and United Kingdom brands to do quality check in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India.   

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With ACL services, you can increase your product efficiency and decrease waste costs, as it has proven with other international companies. ACL identified critical problems with contract manufacturing and provide strategic solutions to resolve them.

To make branded companies stress free from contract manufactures, unstable government policies and to sustained 3rd party quality inspection trust, ACL provide guarantee for its services. 

  • We guarantee for quality assurance, use our services continually for 6-12 months and quantify contract manufactures quality differences before and after using ACL services. 
  • We guarantee, we provide contract manufactures Quality Improvement Report for justification and for future quality improvement. 
  • We guarantee, we take samples from actual production not factory selected samples.
  • We guarantee, we provide only certified inspectors and lab test.
  • We guarantee, we measure quality in four different formats Comment, Minor, Major and Critical, as small laxity can causes big loss.
  • We guarantee, we never ignore even small defects (comments).